Last Instruction

Music: GO!
The very last instruction from Jesus recorded by Matthew, Mark, and John record in their writings agree. Luke recorded the same instruction at the end of his Gospel, but then wrote another book describing who and how that instruction was followed in the early days of the movement (which includes later instructions from Jesus about how to carry out the Commision he gave us.) 

Since John separated the Gospel from the Revelation, it is very important to note that he placed this "Last Instruction of Christ" at the end of Revelation, and not at the end of the Gospel.  Why do you think the words of John that most closely resemble The Great Commission come at the end of the Revelation and not at the end of His Gospel? 

Point is:  Every nay-say, doomsday, holier-than-thou interpretation taken from the New Testament is FOLLOWED by the Great Commission. That fact that Christ's commission occurs at the very END of each Gospel author's words must be recognized as important.  That is, Jesus revealed things about the end times, and THEN told us what to do about it. 

Clearly the Last Instruction Jesus gave us is a response to the prophetic words as much or more than it is part of the Gospel. Even if... no... Especially if all the predictions you see in Matthew 24 and Revelations can be applied to events you see around you today, The Last Instruction from Christ still applies today and to the end.

"Go!" -Jesus  (Matthew 28:19)
"Go!" - Jesus (Mark 16:15)
"Go!" (*) - Jesus (Luke 24:47)
"Come!" - Jesus, IAM, The Spirit & the bride (Revelation 22:16-17)

(*) - the word in Luke is more closely 'Proclaim' but carried in the first century the definite sense of not just speaking in a room, but getting out there, movement from her to another point and making noise.