Saving Grace

Music: InterTwind - Save Me

Psalm 119:94-89 .ל (Lamed)

94 Save me, because I belong to you.

93 Because you give me new life, I won't ever forget your teachings.

92 I would have died from my sufferings if I had not loved your teachings.

91 All [the whole universe] are Your servants; therefore they continue this day according to Your ordinances.

90 You have set earth in order, and it stands. To generation after generation your faithfulness lasts.

89 LORD, thy Word dwells in Heaven without end. (Lord, thi word dwellith in heuene; with outen ende.)

Verse List:
94 New International Readers Version
93 Contemporary English Version
92 New Century Version
91 The Amplified Bible
90 The Bible in Living English
89 The John Purvey revision of the Wycliffe Bible