Can't Buy Me Love

Music : The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love

Simon saw that the Spirit was given to the Samaritans when the apostles placed their hands on them. So he offered Peter and John money and said, "Give me this power so that anyone I place my hands on will receive the Holy Spirit." Peter told Simon, "May your money be destroyed with you because you thought you could buy God's gift.
Acts 8:18-20 (God's Word to the Nations)

Giving (MONEY) with expectation is not giving. God cannot be mocked or fooled, what you 'sow' is exactly what you will reap. (Galations 6:6 paraphrased) If you're able to give cash into the kingdom, that's wonderful. If putting cash into the kingdom is you're idea of 'sowing' (planting seeds with the expectation of returns of the same kind... ) you may reap cash, but the price of that cash is quite high. If you keep books on God, then you haven't 'given' at all, and fall into the same category as Simon above, trying to buy your stairway.

Me? I'll keep sowing God's Word with the expectation that it (God's Word) takes root in the souls God places in my path. My harvest will be joy at the resurrection for the souls that stay out of the lake of fire.

If you can give out of worship and thanks, and most especially without any expectations on returns or later benefits: you've got it. Live with the spirit "give, and it will be given to you"--understanding that "to give" means to let go completely. No expectations of great returns or rewards or rank or crowns. Give means to let go.

Please, let go.